Equity Ideas

Stockpicking is both an art and a science, but too much of either is a dangerous thing. A person infatuated with measurement, who has his head stuck in the sand of the balance sheets, is not likely to succeed. If you could tell the future from a balance sheet, then mathematicians and accountants would be the richest people in the world by now.” - Peter Lynch

I am Markus Olsson (@_equityideas on Twitter), an aspiring long-term investor and MSc Finance graduate from Lund University School of Economics and Management in Sweden. I started Equity Ideas to provide high-quality equity research on Nordic and U.S. companies.

What Is Equity Ideas?

Equity Ideas is a Substack about deep diving into Nordic and U.S. companies. As underdogs, my focus tilts towards Swedish public companies and, more specifically, Swedish serial acquirers.

I am always up for a discussion about my ideas and write-ups. Just send a tweet/DM @_equityideas.


Equity Ideas
Markus Olsson. I provide in-depth equity research on Nordic and U.S. companies through Equity Ideas. https://twitter.com/_equityideas | markus.cristoffer.olsson@gmail.com